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30 May 2013

The Lurpak Cooking Challenge 2013

First ever edition attracts 30 students competing for 5 prizes

AppleCore Foods and the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) have organized the first ever edition of the Lurpak Cooking Challenge, held at the ITS on Monday 27th May 2013.

30 students competed at the ITS Main Kitchen, and were judged by Chef Joe Vella (Executive Chef Hilton Malta), Chef Rennie Zammit (Former Executive Chef Radisson Blu) and Chef Steve D’Anastasi (ITS Malta).

Students also had to make best use of Lurpak Butter, the latter being the main sponsor of this event. Furthermore, students were given a basket of products, marketed locally by AppleCore Foods including Arla, Menu and La Rambla, to use in their dishes.

5 prizes were up for grabs, namely:

Best Use of Lurpak Butter – won by Elisa Fenech

Best Overall Dish (also including a trip to Denmark as a stage at a Danish Restaurant) – won by Andrea Amore
Best Starter – won by David Vella
Best Main Course  – won by Andrea Amore
Best Dessert – won by Stefan Axisa

Students were also given a Certificate to commemorate the event, and trophies were awarded to the winners by the three judges, as well as Ms. Antoinette Stellini, Director of Sales at AppleCore Foods, and Dr. Ernest Azzopardi, ITS Chairman.

Commenting, Ms. Antoinette Stellini said: “This is a brilliant event for AppleCore Foods to support our upcoming chefs, and to also bridge the gap between academy and industry. We are proud to have supplied the ITS with our products, and look forward to more fruitful collaboration with the Institute”.

Furthermore, Mr. Adrian Mamo, Director of the ITS said:” Such competitions form part of the Institute’s vision to enhance the relationship with industry which includes not only tourism, hotel and catering establishments, but also suppliers of products and equipment.  Furthermore, these competitions are a fantastic learning opportunity for our students; who take such events very seriously showing their level of commitments and the high standard in skills and competencies learnt from their respective lecturers.”

Read more on this event by clicking here 

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15 May 2013

The French Classics – Cheese Trolley @ ITS

Guests at the ITS Restaurants enjoy 5 French cheeses by AppleCore Foods and Bongrain!

Patrons at the 2 restaurants located within the Institute of Tourism Studies, The Pembroke Suite and The Vaults; were treated to a French Cheese Trolley for a week, entitled The French Classics’.

This was also an opportunity for ITS students to have hands-on experience with cheeses, and how they are served.

The Cheese Trolley followed the Vive le Fromage! Events held in April, and the trolley consisted of: 

  1. Coeur de Lion Brie – a very white rind, creamy and smooth texture, sweet flavours with a good dose of Normandy cream;
  2. Gerard Camembert – a white rind with a creamy heart texture;
  3. Roquefort Papillon – a legendary cheese, matured following tradition in natural caves in the heart of Roquefort country;
  4. Chavroux – a smooth goat cheese with a pyramidal shape; and
  5. Fol Epi  – a refined cheese decorated with ears of corn.

Guests were also given a leaflet with a detailed explanation of the above-mentioned cheeses as well as the six families of cheese, which can be downloaded as follows:



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