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20 Oct 2017

JDE Facility Visit

Between the 19th and 22nd of September, the AppleCore Beverage Team had the great opportunity to visit JDE in the Netherlands together with some clients who work with JDE coffee in their establishments.

Firstly they had the chance to cook their our own dinner and it was a fun experience as they were not expecting it. The group was introduced to JDE Heritage, learned more about JDE Professional and The Perfect Cup. Then, the group had a factory tour to learn about how different types of coffee beans are made followed by a presentation about The Cafitesse Concept and Coffee Roasting. The latter was the most significant experience for many as they blended, roasted and brewed their own coffee!

The group also visited central Amsterdam and the Ajax Football Stadium which is one of the largest Cafitesse & Espresso client owning over 50 coffee machines. Clients commented that the trip was very interesting and rewarding with vast knowledge that managed to be attained in such little time.



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13 Oct 2017

AppleCore Sales & Marketing Teams visit Arla Dairy in Denmark

Between the 20th and 23rd of September 2017, the Retail sales team, Marketing Coordinator and Merchandisers at AppleCore Foods had the opportunity to experience Arla dairy from a much closer perspective.

During the tour around the production and packing sites at Holstebro Butter Dairy, the team could see the process of producing Lurpak butter every day. They had a chance to try and test the butter itself for freshness and taste. The team also visited Holstebro Cream Cheese Dairy where they learnt how ingredients are blended together, how packaging is made and how everything is placed on pallets when ready.


At the Arla Innovation Centre, a presentation about the place was held and a representative explained that employees over there have all the necessary equipment and facilities to develop and try out new concepts. Moreover, different mozzarella types on dough were cooked in a pizza oven and the team learnt to identify the difference.


The last visit was at a high-end farm holding around 500 cows. The team could see how everything works with robots and the ‘happy cows’ were quite silent and living a good healthy life. Each cow is monitored and any unusual behaviour is immediately taken care of by the dedicated farmers.


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