Ross il-Forn just got easier! 

Can you imagine what home-cooked meals will look like ten years from today? It seems that the time allocated to prepare dinners at home is slowly evaporating before our eyes.

AppleCore Foods, one of the leading food and beverage importers and distributors in Malta, may have just solved our problem with the relaunch of UK rice brand, Veetee, a vast range of easy cook wholesome rice products.

The company has become the local representative for Veetee, including products like the Easy Cook Long Grain Rice, Supreme Basmati, Long Grain Rice and a range of microwavable rice products, all having a 100% quality guarantee from Veetee.

Chris Zammit Lupi, Sales & Brand Manager at AppleCore Foods, spoke about the nostalgia of home-cooked dishes like Ross il-Forn and the importance of eating wholesome meals.

“We seem to have less and less time to prepare the dishes that our ancestors made with so much love and care. But thanks to easy cook products like Veetee rice, we now have the ability to cook the dishes we love for our family, in more efficient and easier ways”.

Today, Veetee is the one of the largest rice suppliers in the UK, with utmost importance placed on the quality of the rice with exquisite flavour and delicate texture, he added.