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Making specialty cheese is a real skill. And thankfully, each and every one of the cheese makers at the House of Castello shares the same passion for Castello® as the  founder, Rasmus Tholstrup. He set the benchmark for precision, dedication, and the understanding of the way in which each and every cheese ripens.

Castello® cheeses each have very different characteristics.

Only when Castello cheeses are ripe and perfectly ready will you find them on the shelves.

Then it’s over to the customer to sit back and enjoy it – while it lasts!

The Castello® dairy might have grown in size over the years, but traditional production values of impeccable quality remain at the core. The best milk is sourced from the best farms! Then the milk is mixed with cream and concentrate it, before pasteurizing the mixture. Then the milk and cream mixture is poured into a vat, and determine the destiny of the cheese by adding a few further ingredients. For Castello® Blue, maturing culture, rennet and blue mold are added.


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