Date: 06 October 2016
Place: Acqu’ e Sale, Sorrento, Italy

Mr. Nathaniel Palmier (left) was this year’s Pizza Challenge 2nd place overall winner. It was his pleasure to spend a day with Head Executive Chef Antonino Esposito, observing his tricks and skills while widening his own experience in the catering industry with particular focus on pizza. Mr. Duncan Cilia (right), Sales Manager at AppleCore Foods accompanied them on this trip.

Antonino (middle) explained in detail about flour techniques and machines used when making pizza dough professionally. They also discussed topics like temperature, kneading, dough rising, baking, and yeast. Antonino gave tips of how to achieve best results when using prepared pizza dough, resting time and the use of oil and water.

Mr. Palmier also had the chance to experience how the pizza business in Italy works. They visited a  pizza-making factory and learnt the difference between classic pizza and Neapolitan pizza which is baked using higher temperatures.