Nowadays, anyone and everyone can get a dog. With thousands of dogs put up for adoption every day all around the world; no human will be left without a loyal companion. But do prospective dog owners always know what is coming to them? Do they know what it entails to raise a dog and keep him fit, healthy and happy?

Even though, every dog owner knows how cute and fun dogs are to have around; they don’t always know the ins and outs of owning one.

Did you know that a glossy coat is a major sign of a healthy dog?

Yes, you read that right. Your dog’s coat indicates whether your dog is living well and healthy. Over the years, your dog’s coat may lose its shine and even become brittle. This can be due to certain medical issues, including parasites, infections, and kidney and thyroid problems.

What can I do to maintain my dog’s coat?

1. Feed them a highly nutritious diet

The same way you have to eat well to feel good, it works in the same way with your loyal companion. Pay close attention to the ingredients in your dog’s food. Food with fishy content such as salmon or tuna is full of fatty omega-3 acids, which are great in contributing to your dog’s healthy and soft coat. For a highly nutritious diet, we suggest investing in a new wet food that is based on fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. Pooch & Mutt Chicken and Ocean Fish grain-free wet food is a great example of this. This food is a delicious wet food with fresh chicken, tuna, salmon and fresh vegetables.

2. Protect them against fleas

Invest in tick and flea prevention medication. This is to avoid our dog itching and scratching its fur coat, which will also contribute to thinning over time.

3. Bathe them regularly

You have the privilege of showering every day, why shouldn’t your dog? Jokes apart, it is very important to bathe your dog at least once a month and not more than that as it will strip the pup’s coat from essential oils. When bathing your dog it is important to use a natural moisturizer (preferably with Vitamin E) to soothe and moisturize your dog’s fur and skin too.

4. Health Supplements

Add a serving of Omega 3 to 6 Pooch & Mutt Salmon Oil to your dog’s food. Pooch & Mutt salmon oil is sustainably sourced from Atlantic salmon reared in Scottish sea lochs under carefully controlled, natural and environmentally compatible conditions. The salmon oil has a rich taste that dog’s love. Pooch & Mutt Salmon oil is said to improve on the skin and coat quality, heart health, immune response, brain and joint function. If you’ve noticed a lot of itching, scratching and redness in your dog’s skin, we suggest Bionic Biotic by Pooch & Mutt, which is said to help promote a glossy coat and stop itching and scratching while improving on skin health quality.

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