Date: 03 – 06 October 2016
Place: Accademia Pizzaioli, Gruaro, Italy

Following the Arla Malta Pizza Challenge event last May 2016, the first overall prize winner Mr. Godfrey Sant has successfully completed the ‘Master Istruttore’ course at the Accademia Pizzaioli in Italy. Mr. Sant (left) is seen in the photo with Mr. Enrico Fama (right), founder of the Accademia Pizzaioli in 2011.

The course was held over four days where pizza makers had the opportunity to see the intervention of different catering and pizza professionals. Some of the main topics discussed during the course were: pizza tools and ovens, gluten-free pizza, Neapolitan pizza, social media and emotional marketing when being a business owner.

The course outlined that a pizza instructor must not only possess excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of the dough, but also control to be able to train new pizza makers, ability to communicate with customers and skill to attract new ones.