AppleCore Foods always strive to keep customers close, giving them the necessary opportunities to understand the pediments of our brands, what is so special about them and how the products are made.

Sales Manager Duncan Cilia has been on a trip together with some esteemed clients to Italy between the 11th and 13th of January 2017.




On day 1, the group visited Menù s.r.l. in Modena which is a leading producer of food specialities for the catering industry including condiments, sauces and pastes, mushrooms, pasta dishes, ready meals, cake and dessert mixes. Area manager and chef Loris Tommaso explained the extensive range of products they produce and sampling also took place. Afterwards the group was invited at the Menu restaurant for a scrumptious dinner made with Menu products.

On day 2, the group started their way to Mollini Pivetti in Bologna. Here, different kinds of flour are produce everyday to allow for different meal creations namely pizza, bread, fresh pasta and desserts. At the factory, the group had the chance to see the different types of flour in the making and also pizza dough-making of different types of pizza namely Romana, Napolitana and traditional.

On day 3, the group met pizzaiolo Federico Perrone as well as Pasta-maker Alessandro Aldrovandi who gave them tips and tricks about their specialising areas. On the last day they had the opportunity to try the dough they had made 2 days before versus another one made the previous day. Different types of flour for different purposes!