The Lurpak Win €10,000 nation-wide campaign, launched by AppleCore Foods as part of its drive to promote the benefits of Lurpak butter, is in its final stages as four more lucky winners were announced.

Jane Farrugia, Maria Mallia, Denis Farrugia and Calcidon Vella were announced as winners during the draw which took place at the AppleCore Foods premises at Hardrocks Business Park, Naxxar last week.

Chris Zammit Lupi, AppleCore Foods Brand Manager (centre), with more winners of the Lurpak Win €10,000 competition.

AppleCore Foods Brand Manager Chris Zammit Lupi encouraged participants to continue submitting their entries for the final grand prize of €4,000 together with the last 2 runners up prizes worth €1,000 and €200. Entries close on the 29th May, 2015. The grand draw will take place in the first week of June.

This campaign, which falls under the umbrella term Kul Għal Qalbek, marks an effort to bring awareness amongst local consumers about the benefits of switching to butter, instead of margarine, in our recipes and daily consumption.

To enter the draw, customers must to fill in the coupon that is found under their favourite Lurpak Spreadable butter lid. This lid and the coupon must then be sent to AppleCore Foods. For more information, please Click here