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10 Feb 2017

Fratelli Beretta trip

Another Business trip organised within the retail division for esteemed Supermarket owners, took place between the 30th of January and the 1st of February 2017.

Sales Manager Christopher Zammit Lupi together with Sales Representative Roderick Borg led the group to various factories and plants where different types of products are produced namely:



  • Salami and Pancetta Plant in Garbagnate Monastero
  • Slicing Plant and Warehouse in Trezzo sull’Adda
  • Parma Ham Plant in Langhirano, Parma
  • Culatello Plant in Zibello


The group were given information about the process of making the mentioned types of items, storage and packaging. Without doubt, the group were definitely not left hungry but they were presented with a vast range of presentable and delicious sample straight from the making.

Sampling of Beretta Salamis

Sampling of Beretta Salamis


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20 Jan 2017

Menu and Pivetti trip

AppleCore Foods always strive to keep customers close, giving them the necessary opportunities to understand the pediments of our brands, what is so special about them and how the products are made.

Sales Manager Duncan Cilia has been on a trip together with some esteemed clients to Italy between the 11th and 13th of January 2017.




On day 1, the group visited Menù s.r.l. in Modena which is a leading producer of food specialities for the catering industry including condiments, sauces and pastes, mushrooms, pasta dishes, ready meals, cake and dessert mixes. Area manager and chef Loris Tommaso explained the extensive range of products they produce and sampling also took place. Afterwards the group was invited at the Menu restaurant for a scrumptious dinner made with Menu products.

On day 2, the group started their way to Mollini Pivetti in Bologna. Here, different kinds of flour are produce everyday to allow for different meal creations namely pizza, bread, fresh pasta and desserts. At the factory, the group had the chance to see the different types of flour in the making and also pizza dough-making of different types of pizza namely Romana, Napolitana and traditional.

On day 3, the group met pizzaiolo Federico Perrone as well as Pasta-maker Alessandro Aldrovandi who gave them tips and tricks about their specialising areas. On the last day they had the opportunity to try the dough they had made 2 days before versus another one made the previous day. Different types of flour for different purposes!




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25 Nov 2016

Movember Initiative

As part of the ongoing strategy of the company where the welfare of its employees is concerned and coinciding with the Movember annual campaign, the company is offering its male force the opportunity to carry out some medical tests at its compliments.

Males are being offered a cholesterol test and a glucose test. Moroever, males over the age of 45 years are being offered a further PSA test.

By taking on initiatives like this, the company prides itself while giving back to its esteemed employees who work hard everyday towards one common goal.


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23 Nov 2016

The Meat Academy


Date: 21st November 2016

Venue: AppleCore Foods Premises

The Meat Academy is another event organised by AppleCore Foods as an opportunity for esteemed clients to try out some products which the company proudly imports.

During an introductory presentation, special guest Mr. Nicolas Ranninger explained in detail about how animals in Ireland are fed and kept in order to get the best quality Irish meat possible. Following the presentation, attendees had the chance to sample various cuts of Irish Country Meats Lamb as presented and cooked by Chef Christopher Gherxi. He also demonstrated how the mentioned meat is differentiated from others while those present could judge accompanied by a glass of wine.

The meal was also enjoyed together with Lambweston potato products, Campirossi parmesan cheese, Ile de France Roquefort, Chavroux goat cheese and a selection of Beretta salamis.




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26 Oct 2016

Full day with Master Chef Antonino Esposito: 2nd prize overall Pizza Challenge winner – Mr. Nathaniel Palmier

Date: 06 October 2016
Place: Acqu’ e Sale, Sorrento, Italy

Mr. Nathaniel Palmier (left) was this year’s Pizza Challenge 2nd place overall winner. It was his pleasure to spend a day with Head Executive Chef Antonino Esposito, observing his tricks and skills while widening his own experience in the catering industry with particular focus on pizza. Mr. Duncan Cilia (right), Sales Manager at AppleCore Foods accompanied them on this trip.

Antonino (middle) explained in detail about flour techniques and machines used when making pizza dough professionally. They also discussed topics like temperature, kneading, dough rising, baking, and yeast. Antonino gave tips of how to achieve best results when using prepared pizza dough, resting time and the use of oil and water.

Mr. Palmier also had the chance to experience how the pizza business in Italy works. They visited a  pizza-making factory and learnt the difference between classic pizza and Neapolitan pizza which is baked using higher temperatures.



25 Oct 2016

Master Istruttore Course: Pizza Challenge 2016 Top pizzaiolo – Mr. Godfrey Sant

Date: 03 – 06 October 2016
Place: Accademia Pizzaioli, Gruaro, Italy

Following the Arla Malta Pizza Challenge event last May 2016, the first overall prize winner Mr. Godfrey Sant has successfully completed the ‘Master Istruttore’ course at the Accademia Pizzaioli in Italy. Mr. Sant (left) is seen in the photo with Mr. Enrico Fama (right), founder of the Accademia Pizzaioli in 2011.

The course was held over four days where pizza makers had the opportunity to see the intervention of different catering and pizza professionals. Some of the main topics discussed during the course were: pizza tools and ovens, gluten-free pizza, Neapolitan pizza, social media and emotional marketing when being a business owner.

The course outlined that a pizza instructor must not only possess excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of the dough, but also control to be able to train new pizza makers, ability to communicate with customers and skill to attract new ones.




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14 Sep 2016

pjazzaplace 2016 Annul Partners Event

The gastronomic feast, which has been organised for the fourth year in a row becoming an iconic yearly event for the AppleCore Foods clientele, was held at the company’s premises at Hardrocks Business Park in Naxxar, where around 500 guests were treated to a truly spectacular evening of delicious food imported and marketed by AppleCore Foods.

Guests were served with a selection of charcuterie from Salumi Beretta as well as cheeses by Veldhuyzen and Windyridge. A variety of pasta by Canuti was also prepared with Menu Italian sauces. To the tunes of Bernie and Pod, guests also enjoyed finger food from Stohos, Salud, CK Foods and Duca, a selection of meat from Irish Country Meats complemented by Lamb Weston potato products as well as San Carlo and Groksi snacks. Cociprex desserts and Douwe Egberts coffee topped off the night in style.

Click here to read more and view a gallery of the event…


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20 Jun 2016

All proceeds from The Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016 donated to Puttinu Cares

AppleCore Foods Ltd. proudly announces that the sum of €1,500 mainly from Pizza Challenge entry forms was donated to Puttinu Cares being a Charity Foundation with a holistic approach of care for families with children suffering from cancer.

Antoinette Stellini, Director of Sales at AppleCore Foods highlights that, “The donation will get even bigger after next year’s Pizza Challenge 2017 when advancing to more International participation.”


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5 Jun 2016

Local Pizzaioli Win Professional Pizza Courses at The Arla Mozzarella Malta Pizza Challenge 2016


A two-day pizza challenge, which took place on the 27th and 28th May 2016 at Melita Gardens in Balzan, brought together 50 local chefs to compete in a culinary showdown of pizza-making, to win a professional pizza course at the Accademia Pizzaioli in Italy.

The challenge, organised by AppleCore Foods, the exclusive importers of Arla Mozzarella in Malta, gave contestants 20 minutes each to prepare two pizzas: the classic Margherita and a mystery pizza of their choice, created using a combination of the ingredients provided.

A panel of international judges, from Accademia Pizzaioli, Molini Pivetti and Arla Foods, tasted tens of pizzas and gave valuable criticism throughout the competition.

This year, AppleCore Foods also had the honour of welcoming the world-renowned Pizza Champion Vasile Lucian as the Arla Mozzarella Malta Pizza Challenge Ambassador & Technical Director.

The Pizza Classica was won by Arseric Srdjan, after being judged on taste, baking and presentation. The runners up in this category were Godfrey Sant and Gilbert Portelli respectively.

In the Pizza Fantasia category, Patrick McBride scored the highest points, closely followed by Arseric Srdjan in second place and Godfrey Sant in third. This category was judged in the same way as the Pizza Classica with additional points given for creativity.

The overall winner of the 2nd Edition of the Arla Mozzarella Malta Pizza Challenge 2016, a prestigious award that combines the total of the overall scores for both pizzas, together with the score for hygiene and presentation, was won by Godfrey Sant, who will be off for an all expenses paid professional pizza course at the world famous Accademia Pizzaioli in Italy. Nathaniel Palmier followed in second place overall and claimed the all expenses paid pizza course in Naples with Master Chef Antonino Esposito. Arseric Srdjan placed third overall and took home a professional set of pizza tools provided by Molini Pivetti.

AppleCore Foods Sales Director, Antoinette Stellini, said in a brief comment during the Awards Ceremony,

“We’d like to wholeheartedly thank all the challengers who participated. We had 50 participants this year, scheduled over two days. They all gave their very best and we’re sure that this experience will help them grow within their profession and strive to improve their art of pizza making”.

“Following this year’s success of what we envision as a national annual calendar event, we truly look forward to welcoming more pizzaioli at the Arla Mozzarella Malta Pizza Challenge next year”. In fact, the next Arla Malta Pizza Challenge will be held on the 29th, 30th & 31st of May 2017.

Click here to view a photo gallery of this event


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5 May 2016

Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016


27-30 May 2016 at Melita Gardens, Balzan

Event Programme

27 May
2:30pm – 6:00pm : Pizza Making Competition

28 May
9:00am – 12:00pm : Pizza Making Competition
3:00pm – 6:00pm : Pizza Making Competition

30 May
7:30pm : Presentation + reception

The Concept

Following last year’s success, The Arla Malta Pizza Challenge will take place once again at the Melita Gardens, Balzan. The challenge seeks to award the top pizzaiolo on the Maltese Islands by bringing together a number of pizzaioli to compete in a culinary showdown of technique, skill, style and creativity.


The challenge will take place in separate rounds after which contestants will be judged by a panel of 3 professional foreign judges on the taste, baking, creativity and presentation of each pizza. Each contestant will also receive an overall score for hygiene.

Pizza Making Competition

The challenge will give contestants 20 minutes each to prepare two pizzas: the classic Margherita and a mystery pizza of their choice, created using a combination of ingredients to be provided by AppleCore Foods. Participants are only  required to bring their own dough and any pizza making tools of their choice.

This competition will take place over 2 days (Friday & Saturday) in which participants will be given a specific slot to participate. The winners will be announced on Monday 30th May during a reception at the same venue.

The Judges

Matteo Cevolani from Molini Pivetti Spa

Giuseppe Caggiano from Accademia Pizzaioli

Marianna Mikkelsen from Arla Foods Amba



The official prizes were:

1st: Professional Pizza Course at THE ACCADEMIA PIZZAIOLI in Italy   visit the website >>

2nd: A full day course with MASTER CHEF ANTONINO ESPOSITO in Italy  visit the website >>

3rd: A professional PIZZA TOOLS kit provided by Pivetti visit the website >>

Medals will be awarded to all winners and runners up. A certificate of merit is also to be given to all participants.


Facebook Event Page here:   Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016 >>




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