Guests at the ITS Restaurants enjoy 5 French cheeses by AppleCore Foods and Bongrain!

Patrons at the 2 restaurants located within the Institute of Tourism Studies, The Pembroke Suite and The Vaults; were treated to a French Cheese Trolley for a week, entitled The French Classics’.

This was also an opportunity for ITS students to have hands-on experience with cheeses, and how they are served.

The Cheese Trolley followed the Vive le Fromage! Events held in April, and the trolley consisted of: 

  1. Coeur de Lion Brie – a very white rind, creamy and smooth texture, sweet flavours with a good dose of Normandy cream;
  2. Gerard Camembert – a white rind with a creamy heart texture;
  3. Roquefort Papillon – a legendary cheese, matured following tradition in natural caves in the heart of Roquefort country;
  4. Chavroux – a smooth goat cheese with a pyramidal shape; and
  5. Fol Epi  – a refined cheese decorated with ears of corn.

Guests were also given a leaflet with a detailed explanation of the above-mentioned cheeses as well as the six families of cheese, which can be downloaded as follows: